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When is it the right time to move out and on?

Posted January 28, 2012

The Move Home After College

According to TimeNewsFeed, 85% of college grads are moving home with mom and dad post-graduation. With high unemployment rates, recent graduates are trying the higher education route or attempting to save money by staying under their parents roofs. Higher undergraduate school loan costs, the unpredictable job market, and the high-cost of living are all good reasons to take a few years and prepare yourself financially for the responsibility that getting your own place requires.

I am a huge proponent of moving home right after college, if the option is available to you. No one could prepare me for what came next, no matter how many times they tried to warn me. Bills came like clockwork and the college years were the last years before I became a 9 to 5er. But, I eventually found myself being stifled by living at home, and I know a lot of others end up with similar sentiments. It’s important for you to recognize when you’re using your parent’s house as a crutch, and when it is time to move on.


Where to search for your new home

  • Philadelphia Property Management Company– Property management companies and rental agents are a great way to start your apartment search. They have access to 1000’s of apartments , homes, and condominium units through their local MLS, which might not otherwise have access too.
  • Craigslist – Craigslist is a powerful tool with is useful for a wide range of searches. For real estate it is particularly useful, as there is a huge apartment rental section in addition to its rooms / shares and real estate for sale categories
  • Zillow / Trulia / Hot pads – I lump these three together because they provide much of the same service, and often even syndicate the same listings. Use these sites as a last resource, as typically they do not give the best results.


Ways to be Flexible and Within Budget

These are some ways that will allow for you to land in a place that fits most of your needs.

  • Living with other people can always help cut down your expenses. Be willing to take on a roommate or two to share the costs of utilities and furniture for the place.
  • Look for a way that you can convert a bedroom into two. Find an inexpensive room divider and add a roommate that you’re able to share space with.
  • If you find a property which is in your price range and has most of what you want, please don’t give it up because it’s missing one component. There probably is never going to be an absolutely perfect place and you could be giving up a space you really love and regretting it in the end.
  • Don’t focus on only Center City. Look in the areas just around the center, for example Manayunk or South Philadelphia, because they offer just as much excitement and are usually half the price.


Have More Questions? Need More Answers?

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