Rental Agent Philadelphia provide the valuable service of locating renters for investment property. Rental Agent Philadelphia seek to maximize their clients’ monthly cash flow while minimizing down time between tenants. Below, we’ve listed the top things you should look for when searching for your Rental Agent Philadelphia.



  •  Experience with your specific neighborhood: The subject Rental Agent should have direct working knowledge of your specific location. Ask for the addresses of properties nearby which the Rental Agent has  recently rented, or has actively listed.
  • Thoroughly Qualifies all prospects: Your Rental Agent should qualify all prospects by running their credit reports, checking criminal background, verifying income, and checking in with prior landlords.
  • Uses innovative and tech savvy marketing techniques: How does your Rental Agent plan to locate tenants? Hard copy print advertising is a think of the past. Your Rental Agent should focus on advertising through their website and other online venues such as Craigslist, Postlets, & Hotpads. JG Real Estate uses high end digital SLR photography with wide angle lens and high definition video tours to effectively market properties.


Where to find a Rental Agent Philadelphia

The best place to research and locate your Rental Agent is the internet of course. Start by googling “Rental Agent Philadelphia”. Rental Agent with a good online presence will be in the top results – it’s a safe bet that these Rental Agent know how to market your property effectively, since they are already marketing themselves!


When to hire your Rental Agents Philadelphia

So, when is the right time to locate and hire your Rental Agent? That answer depends on your timeframe, the right time to start working with the Rental Agent is typically 60 days before the property will become vacant. To maximize the chance that down time will be minimized, the more time the better. However, as long as the property is appropriate price for current market conditions, and you have hired the right Rental Agent Philadelphia, then your property should rent in 30-60 days.


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