Property Manager For My Condo Philly

  • Are you the owner of a Condo in Philadelphia and have trouble renting it out?
  • Tired of worrying about the fine details and labor required to rent your unit out?
  • Want to have someone that will do the work for you?

Managing a Condo is very different from other kinds of  Property Management in Philadelphia. This major city has a large variety of condo buildings, a few are small with only a handful of units, while others are as large as 300 units and more. A Property Manager For My Condo Philly will deal with all sorts of condo units, whether it’s a single unit or an entire building!



There are many reasons why one would choose to invest in condos. A single family home requires much more maintenance and up-keeping, and there is no shared responsibility.  Where as condo owners don’t have to worry about roof troubles and many maintenance issues because there is usually an onsite department sent out for emergencies. When it comes to professional help, the property manager for my condo philly will take care of maintenance, accurate financial reporting, and leasing!

Property manager for my condo philly also provides services for associations as a whole. In general, the following duties describes what kind of services are carried out; Budget Monitoring, Payroll, Maintenance, and collecting Association dues.


Getting in touch with the Property Manager For My Condo Philly!

No more headaches or stress, once one chooses JG-Real Estate as the property manager for my condo Philly, all your worries about rent collecting, making up leases, and more will be taken care of  by us!

You are able to reach us at our main office: 215 467 4100 or click on the live chat button on the top right hand corner to speak about Property Manager for my condo philly with Jared Gruber!


Property Manager For My Condo Philly

Property Manager For My Condo Philly