Why use Property Management Philadelphia? To maximize your return on investment, reduce tenant headaches, and improve your overall quality of life of course! Property Management Philadelphia is successful when the above objectives are met. So, how is this achieved?



  • Advertising vacancies: Property Management Philadelphia is effective when vacancies are filled quickly, and efficiently. To meet this end, JG Real Estate starts advertising properties 60-90 days before. We aim to find a tenant  to occupy the property immediately after the original tenant vacates, while leaving adequate time for any maintenance needs.
  • In-house maintenance: Most Property Management Philadelphia companies out there make a good portion of their profits at your expense. How do they do this? They mark up their maintenance services 10,20, even 30%. So a routine draining cleaning all of a sudden turns into a $200 bill rather than the $125  the plumber charged. Our Property Management Philadelphia philosophy is to charge you, the client, what our actual charge is! We are not marking maintenance needs up a dime. Our transparency is what makes us a unique Property Management Philadelphia company.
  • Blogging: We blog on a regular basis to keep our clients in the know. For example, check out our blog about the City of Philadelphia’s requirement for a business privilege license and housing inspection license.
  • Paying you quicker: Through our property management software, appfolio, we have the ability to accept tenant rent payments via ACH and remit owner payments through ACH too! This means that the lag time associated with depositing checks, waiting for them to clear, and then finally mailing checks back to owners is eliminated! Instead of a 10 day total process, we can pay owners in the space of a few days.


Making your Decision to hire a Property Management Philadelphia company

So, how are you going to make the final decision as to which Property Management Philadelphia you will choose?

  • Experience with your specific neighborhood: Has the Property Management Philadelphia company worked in your neighborhood before? Is it local to the Property Management Philadelphia company’s office? If not, it may be difficult for the company to respond to maintenance issues in a timely and effective manner.
  • Do they have good reviews? Have you checked the company’s reviews via a few online sources? Reviews speak volumes about work ethic, competence, and responsiveness to tenant needs.
  • Responsiveness: When you initially inquired about the Property Management Philadelphia company’s services, how quickly did they get back to you? Within the hour, or two days later?


There are many factors which go into finding and qualifying a Property Management Philadelphia company. This list is a starting place, contact JG Real Estate to find out how they can help.
Property Management Philadelphia

Property Management Philadelphia