Looking for the best Property Management Phila? You’ve come to the right place. On this page we’ll show you how to find ideal Property Management Phila for your property. You’ll need to know how to analyze property managers by comparing their respective services, fees, and customer / client satisfaction.



  • Marketing & Leasing: Your Property Management Phila company should do a great job of giving your property exposure to the market place. This starts with timing, the Property Management Phila firm will begin advertising your property 60-90 days prior to vacancy. This ensures that a tenant is lined up and there is minimal downtime between tenants. Professional photography and video is a must, your property needs to be look it’s very best in advertisements. After a prospective tenant is located, the Property Management Phila company will qualify the individual by pulling their credit report, running an eviction screen, verifying income, and checking landlord references. The next step is drafting and negotiating the lease.
  • Rent Collection: A Property Management Phila firm’s job is to make your life easier! So, they will collect all rental payments on your behalf. If your tenant pays late, the Property Management Phila company will immediately issue a late notice. The next step is the pay or quit notice which is the legal precursor to filing for eviction in landlord tenant court. Don’t worry, 99% of the time a landlord will never deal with eviction, but it’s good to know that your Property Management Phila company is familiar with the procedure.
  • Maintenance needs: A good Property Management Phila company will have an in house maintenance department for routine maintenance issues and also have a list of qualified sub contractors for more complex issues which require a licensed trade. Ideally, the owner of the  Property Management Phila company will have a background in construction so that maintenance issues can be competently dealt with, limiting inconvenience to tenants. Some Property Management Phila companies will charge a fee or mark up on maintenance issues, but the good ones will take care of these needs at cost. In the spirit of transparency, JG Real Estate only bills clients what our actual expense is when adding labor & materials.


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