Fishtown, area code 19125, is a unique part of the city. Traditionally a working class, blue collar section of town, Fishtown is experiencing resurgence unlike any other neighborhood in Philadelphia. You’ll find new construction homes, fresh rehabs, and lots built on at every corner – during what most would say is a down market and bad economy. That’s one of the major reasons JG Real Estate has positioned itself in Property Management 19125 of choice. Conveniently located on Girard Ave, in the heart of Fishtown, we are here to serve all members of the Fishtown Community. We have sold,leased, and currently manage many properties in the neighbhorhood. Jared Gruber, the broker of record, even lives in Fishtown. So, how will your Property Management 19125 effectively manage your Fishtown property?



As a Property Management 19125 firm, we specialize in Fishtown. Here’s a basic breakdown of our services:

  • Rent Collection; Property Management 19125 – Tenants have the option to drop rent off (since we’re so close by), pay via ACH (just complete a simple online form), or by mail. With so many options available, there’s no reason not to pay! But, what happens if they don’t pay, or their payment is late? That’s what your Property Management 19125 firm steps in and immediately issues a late notice. If no payment is made after the late notice is issued, the Property Management 19125’s next step is to issue a pay or quite notice, which is the precursor to eviction.
  • Repairs; Property Management 19125– Repairs and maintenance are a routine part of being a landlord, and are often the reason many people don’t get into real estate investment to begin with. Dealing with repairs and maintenance issues is one of the strong suits of JG Real Estate; our owner is a licensed general contractor and has years of rehabbing, developing, and Property Management 19125 experience. The best part is, maintenance issues are billed at what our actual cost is. No mark ups or additional fees from your Property Management 19125 company.
  • Marketing & Leasing; Property Management 19125 – Getting your property filled quickly with GOOD tenants is paramount to being a good Property Management 19125 firm! You can’t be good at collecting rent if there are no tenants, and even if you have the best handyman in the world; it doesn’t matter if there aren’t good, paying tenants in place! With this in mind, our Property Management 19125 firm puts a ton of time and effort into locating quality tenants. We do this by utilizing professional photography, high definition video tours which are uploaded to you tube and linked to in our ads, and making our web presence known!


Property Management 19125 – why you need a local Property Management Firm

There are tons of property management companies in Philadelphia, right? So, why choose a local Property Management 19125 company? Simple! You need a company which is in close proximity to your property to ensure that maintenance issues are rectified quickly, tenants can drop by with questions or rent, and so that you have a local presence through your hired agent. For Property Management 19125 needs make sure to contact JG Real Estate Today!