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Philadelphia’s Dilworth House Drama

Posted April 10, 2012

Philadelphia’s Dilworth House

Originally built in the 1950’s for a “mayor who championed the revival of Society Hill,” plans for Philadelphia’s Dilworth house have been a cause for much debate (Jaffe, PlanPhilly). This specific house, located at 223-225 South 8th Street, is part of the Society Hill Historic Preservation District, and sits directly on Washington Square, an extremely attractive area for renters and buyers alike. The current owners of Philadelphia’s Dilworth house, John and Mary Turchi, want to remove a section in the rear of the house to build a 17-floor condominium building.




Since 2006, the current owners of Philadelphia’s Dilworth house have been trying to get approved to start new construction and the Historical Commission and community members have been petitioning to have it remain in tact. According to Alan Jaffe of Plan Philly, the current review board disagreed with former approvals, indicating that “there was evidence that just over half of the building’s footprint would be removed, including part of the front facade.” What does this mean for the Turchi’s? Most likely, the couple will have to go back and reevaluate their plans, or try some again with the city’s Zoning Board.

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