Philadelphia Rental Agents are an integral aspect of the real estate community. Owners utilize rental agents fill investment properties quickly with high quality tenants. This helps to maximize their monthly cash flow, and eliminate the headache of finding their own tenant. Take a look at the recommendations below which will greatly assist your rental agents search, by offering tips and guidelines.



  • Processing of rental applications: rental agents will thoroughly screen applicants using by checking credit reports, analyzing income in relation to projected rent payment, and calling landlord references. The rental agents will then present this information, along with their recommendation to the landlord. It’s up to the landlord to approve or deny the applicant based on the information supplied by the rental agents.
  • Negotiating terms: rental agents lease properties and qualify tenants day in, and day out. It is their specialty, so they know how to broker a deal, and bring landlords and tenants together. Good rental agents will be honest and upfront with both parties to the transactions, while making both parties happy.
  • Writing the lease: rental agents have access to the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors forms library. These includes leases, addenda, and other much needed forms. Your rental agents will write the lease using these forms, which offer much needed protection to landlord’s.


How to choose Philadelphia Rental Agents

  • Examine their track record and background: When examining rental agents, it is important to do some preliminary research. A great place to start is popular social networking sites such as Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin. The next step is looking at sites which are specific to real estate like Zillow and Trulia. You should be able to get a lot of information about rental agents on these sites. If you can’t find information about a specific agent on the web, you might ask yourself if that’s an agent you even want to consider. After all, if they don’t have a web presence, it will be difficult for them to properly market your property.
  • Marketing: rental agents need to be on top of their marketing game. Online advertising should be their main method of getting traffic through the property – check to see where their current listings can be found.
  • Visit Philadelphia Rental Agents at their office: How an agent conducts him or herself at their place of business says a lot about who they are personally and professionally. Remember, when a prospect comes to their office to learn more about a property, to fill an application out, or to sign a lease they will develop their own perception.
  • Call client references: Perhaps one of the most important ways to qualify Philadelphia rental agents to speak with their past clients. Philadelphia rental agents should be able to give you the contact information of at lease 3 satisfied clients.
  • Specialization: Make sure the Philadelphia rental agents which you are looking at specialize in Philadelphia rentals or Philadelphia Property Management. You don’t want a sales agent handling your rental, since finding a good tenant for you might not be their priority!


Philadelphia Rental Agents

Philadelphia Rental Agents