Philadelphia Property Management Companies enable real estate owners and investors to have peace of mind, knowing that their valuable investment is in good hands. At a certain point in any real estate investor’s career, he or she will realize that they simply can’t do it themselves. This is when Philadelphia Property Management Companies come into play, by collecting rent, marketing / leasing properties, handling maintenance needs and overall increase the owner’s quality of life. So,  what services should Philadelphia Property Management Companies offer?



  • Renta collection: A major component of Philadelphia Property Management Companies offerings is rent collection. No longer do you, the property owner, need to track down rent every month, access late fees, and keep books. Your Property Management Company in Philadelphia will do that for you!
  • Expert leasing and marketing services: Philadelphia Property Management Companies must have a detailed and sophisticated marketing plan so that vacancies are filled quickly, and downtime is minimized. JG Real Estate, for example, takes professional shots of all listings with a digital SLR camera with wide angle lens. Additionally, we take a high definition video tour, so that prospects can get a great f eel for the space, prior to ever physically visiting it.
  • Responsible book keeping and financial forecasting: One of the major reasons you are even researching Philadelphia Property Management Companies is of course for their ability to accurately keep track of your financials, while keeping an eye out for likely future expenses. Philadelphia Property Management Companies must use a up to date property management software which enables them to produce trust balance reports, cash flow reports, and a plethora of other financial reporting metrics. Additionally, Philadelphia Property Management Companies need to have knowledgeable staff in place to properly forecast projected maintenance expenses, and then build adequate reserves up.
  • Maintenance: Reputable Philadelphia Property Management Companies will have an in house maintenance department.This allows them to reduce costs by economy of scale. If they are a busy company, with many units currently under management, they should be able to spread the cost of maintenance to all units. This allows them to keep the cost of simple fixes way down.


How to choose Philadelphia Property Management Companies

  • Reputation: Philadelphia Property Management Companies typically grow based on referrals. So, how does a subject company stack up when examining online reviews? This is often a great quick way to begin some preliminary research. The next step is calling prior client references. Try to speak with past clients who are similar situations to you, and have a similar property type.
  • Infrastructure: Do the Philadelphia Property Management Companies you are looking at have the correct systems, processes, and personnel in place to properly serve you and your property? Things to consider include the structure of their maintenance departments, staffing levels ( is there always someone to speak with) and level of their Tech skills. Smart use of technology is becoming increasingly more important when evaluating Philadelphia Property Management Companies.
  • Personal relationships. It’s important, when selecting Philadelphia Property Management Companies, to form a relationship with someone at the company. As the client, you don’t want to call into a large company and be directed through 5 levels of customer service reps before speaking with the person who you need to. Personalized services is one of the trademarks of JG Real Estate, where you always can elevate issues to the owner.

Are you ready to make your selection, our of the many Philadelphia Property Management Companies out there? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Contact JG Real Estate today to end your search for Philadelphia Property Management Companies!

Philadelphia Property Management Companies

Philadelphia Property Management Companies