A good management company Philadelphia will provide important services to real estate investors. These services are necessary to ensure that the subject property is properly cared for, and that existing tenants remain long term satisfied clients. Often, long term sustainability is sacrificed in favor of short term gains. An example of this would be installing sub-par materials in a rental property, which look great initially, but fall apart half way through the first tenant’s lease. You need a property management company in place which recognizes value, and the best way to achieve success in both short & long term situations. These services are listed below.



  • Rent Collection
  • Rental Application Process
  • Reliable Maintenance


Rent Collection – Management Company Philadelphia

A good Management Company will offer easy rent collection through their online property management company website.  An online tenant portal creates easy access for your tenants to pay their rent online, which makes receiving it from your end even faster! Although online access may seem like an obvious choice, it’s astounding how many companies in Philadelphia, which claim to be professional, don’t have this extremely basic offering.


Rental Application Process – Management Company Philadelphia

When a Management Company receives rental applications for your investment property, it is important that the tenants are thoroughly screened to ensure that you’re getting the best people in your unit. A well-qualified applicant is one who will pay their rent on time each month.


Reliable Maintenance – Management Company Philadelphia

When there is a maintenance problem at your Philadelphia investment property, you will need a trustworthy and professional Management Company maintenance team to respond quickly. A property owner will not need to worry about getting late phone calls, angry complaints, tenant headaches, etc. because the Management Company will handle everything!


Management Company Philadelphia

Management Company Philadelphia