Landlord Property Management Philadelphia is a specialized field. There are homeowners who decide to rent their property out after living there, for a variety of reasons. Then, there are landlords who set out to be landlords from the very beginning. Usually the latter group is well versed in real estate terminology, knows how to run numbers, and knows exactly what they’re looking for a in a property manager. Perhaps you are a landlord with a small portfolio of properties (1-10), mid sized ( 10-50), or a large portfolio of 50+ units – you have a niche property management need, and need Landlord Property Management which understands your needs.



Here are the best ways to properly vet any prospective Landlord Property Management Philadelphia:

  • Industry experience: Does the Landlord Property Management Philadelphia have experienced working directly with owners of small, mid and large size portfolios, or do they deal mostly with former home owners? How long has the Landlord Property Management Philadelphia been in operation, and do they have any disciplinary issues?
  • Area experience: Each neighborhood has unique characteristics  which need to be understand to accurately management and market a property. When selecting Landlord Property Management Philadelphia make sure to examine their local expertise. Do they have many listings, or properties under management within a few city blocks of your property? Do they have construction experience with your property type?
  • Proximity: A Landlord Property Management Philadelphia which is close to a property likely will do a much better job managing it. It will be easy for the Landlord Property Management Philadelphia to respond to maintenance issues, and even knock on the door should a tenant be late with rent. You will want to avoid hiring a management company which is over a half hour away from the property, unless no other option is available.
  • Ownership mentality: What’s the mentality of the executive leadership team? Are they young & motivated, or industry dinosaurs who are only interested in servicing existing business? Landlord Property Management Philadelphia firm’s interests should be in line with their clients, and more often than not you’ll find mutually compatible interests with a younger & more motivated firm.


Landlord Property Management Philadelphia & Web presence

A strong web presence is incredibly important for any business, but especially Landlord Property Management. Successful real estate marketers stay at the forefront of their prospective client’s minds by offering valuable information. Does the subject Landlord Property Management have a website, and if so, is it any good? A good website will offer a blog section which offers contact which prospects (both renters and Landlord Property Management Philadelphia clients) find valuable – this drives people to the website. Second, the website should showcase rental listings and lead prospective renters to view the properties. From a property management perspective, the website should offer tenants and owners the ability to log in to their respective portal so that they can check financials and pay rent online.

JG Real Estate is a Landlord Property Management Philadelphia leader, headed by broker/owner Jared Gruber. We look forward to expertly servicing your property management Philadelphia needs. Contact us today.


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