Investment Property Management Philadelphia is a specialty of JG Real Estate. We pride ourselves on understanding what Investment Property Management means, being that we are real estate investors ourselves. Effective Investment Property Management boils down to a few key factors which are described below.



  • Basic understanding of why an investor purchases a property. It may seem obvious, but not all real estate brokers and Philadelphia rental agents truly understand an investor’s motivation, which of course is to earn a satisfactory return on his investment! Efficient Investment Property Management Philadelphia will take this into account when bidding out projects, approving tenant expenditures, and minimizing downtime between tenants.
  • Investment Property Management Philadelphia firms should know how to crunch the numbers which include ROI, cash on cash return, & Cap rate to name a few. These formulas drive an investor’s decision to purchase and should be thoroughly understood.
  • Investment Property Management Philadelphia typically deals with multi-unit properties which were initially bought purely as an investment. This is a stark contrast to a homeowner which initially purchased to occupy, but due to life circumstances decided to move and rent the property out.


Investment Property Management Philadelphia – Efficiency

Like all other facets of property management, an effective Investment Property Management firm will do the following:

  • Handle maintenance calls swiftly and competently. An experienced Investment Property Management company knows that keeping tenants happy is the key to long term success
  • Offer tech savvy solutions to routine needs such as rent payment, maintenance request submissions, and communication. Our website , which includes a tenant portal, is a great resource for all of the above.
  • Above all else, good Investment Property Management demands a minimization of down time between tenants. Every day a property goes unoccupied there is a loss of revenue for both the owner and manager.


Investment Property Management Philadelphia

Investment Property Management Philadelphia