Condo Property Manager Philadelphia is a specialized form of property management. Condo owners need to make sure to properly vet property management firms to see if they specialize in, or at least have experience with, condo property management. Think about it, would you go to a cardiologist for a chipped tooth? Or a plumber for an electric problem? Yes, they are in the same industry, but don’t have the same specialization and experience level. Condo property management requires an intricate understanding of how a condominium community functions. There are common elements and limited common elements, a governing board of directly,  and monthly condo dues which cover different thing in different communities. Some communities have an onsite maintenance team which should be called to rectify in unit issues, and other communities would prefer owners to use their owner contractors – it all depends on the building. As such, you need a condo property manager which knows how the game is played. Read below about various issues related to condo property manager which should be at the forefront of your mind when selecting a condo property manager.



When you are evaluating your Condo Property Manager Philadelphia selections, here are a list of items which you should look for:

  • Experience: How long as the Condo Property Manager Philadelphia been in the business? How many units does he or she have under management? Of those units, how many are condos, and are there any within your specific condo community?
  • Staff: Does the Condo Property Manager Philadelphia have adequate staff to service your needs?  A good Condo Property Manager Philadelphia will have an onsite maintenance department, leasing staff, and 24/7 answering service.
  • Fees: The Condo Property Manager Philadelphia should have a fee structure which is competitive with the market place. Be wary of very low fees, as Condo Property Manager Philadelphia often try to lure clients in with low monthly fees, but very high maintenance costs. At JG Real Estate our philosophy is transparency. We charge a competitive monthly fee, but charge what our actual cost is for maintenance needs. Our cost is typically far less than what the average home owner’s cost would be, due to our volume business and on site maintenance department.
  • Web Savvy: You want a Condo Property Manager Philadelphia which has a great website, and understands how to use technology to his or her benefit. The vast majority of buyers and renters look for their next place on the internet – so it’s important that your management company have a huge local presence. Additionally, renters and owners want to have the ability to contact their Condo Property Manager Philadelphia through the internet, submit work orders online, and instant message via the website.


When to hire a Condo Property Manager Philadelphia

So, when is the right time to pull the trigger and hire a Condo Property Manager Philadelphia? If you have a vacant property which needs to be rented, then the answer is immediately. Every day of down time without a renter paying rent is lost revenue. If you currently have a tenant, and would like to bring the manager on for the next time, the Condo Property Manager Philadelphia will need to start working on re leasing the property approximately 60-90 days prior to the current tenant’s lease end. Would you prefer that a Condo Property Manager Philadelphia take over for your current tenant, because either A) your current Condo Property Manager Philadelphia isn’t cutting it, or B) you’re tired of being a landlord? Then contact  JG Real Estate immediately, we’re happy to jump right in!


Condo Property Manager Philadelphia