Are Space Heaters Effective?

Posted February 22, 2012

Do Space Heaters Save You Money?

In these cold winter months… or, what used to be these cold winter months, people often spent a fortune on heating their homes. Now, with more energy-efficient central heating, costs may be lower, but people are still searching for ways to cut their bill; many buy space heaters as the solution. I had to find out if space heaters were really the better option, and, if so, which one I should purchase.



  • Localized spaces: Space heaters are great for areas that are getting inadequate heat from your centralized heating system; they are designed to heat specific areas or objects.  If it’s colder in one room of your home, if you are only using one space in a large building, or if you are sensitive to the cold, using a space heater may benefit you and your money.
  • Large places: In no way would it be more cost-effective for you to get multiple space heaters for throughout a large space. That is the job of your central heating unit. It would be much more expensive to run a couple tiny heaters as opposed to your larger one.

What is important here is the space heater’s intended use. When you use a space heater in a way in which it was not intended to be used, you are conceding to an increase in your bill. However, if you do it in the right way, as described above, it is important that you look for a heater that has good safety features and fits your design needs.





First, you are going to need to choose between the two main categories of space heaters: convection and radiant. Once you have decided which one you are going to go with, you need to locate a good option to purchase. I researched space heaters and will list the best and the most cost-efficient for you.

  • Convection Heater: A type of convection heater that you may be better acquainted with is the ceramic heater. They use a liquid, such as oil, and an electric coil. This combination heats air quickly and disperses it evenly throughout a given space. Portable convection heaters are best for long-term usage in an entire room. In the case of ceramic heaters, the ceramic is usually placed within the heating system, reducing the risks of fires and injury to yourself or others.-Lasko 755320 – Ceramic Tower Heater,  $48.96
    My Heat Personal Ceramic Heater, $17.99
    Crane Flat Panel Convection Heater, $39.98
  • Radiant Heater: These types of heaters are best for heating a small space quickly; they heat a more focused line of sight. This is great for when you are sitting in your favorite chair watching TV, but is not so perfect for heating an entire room.-Optimus H-41190 9-Inch Dish Heater, $40.57
    Optimus Portable Fan Forced Radiant Heater, $24.99
    Crane EE-6353 Space Heater, $55.09



With a space heater, you have a much higher risk of fire, death, and injury. Be sure to keep the heater at least 2 feet away from flammable items. Check out your heater before you purchase it and see what safety features it provides you. Be sure to comply with all directions that it gives you. Keep your children and your pets as far away from the heater as you can. Finally, never leave the space heater unattended.




If you don’t go the space heater route, there are some other ways to winter-proof your house. Add some insulation, change your furnace filter regularly, even buy some insulating curtains.

Wishing for you a nice winter that isn’t too cold!

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